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Thread: Pictures of the 6 pack. That's now a 5 pack. :(

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    Pictures of the 6 pack. That's now a 5 pack. :(

    I promised I'd do my best to post more pictures of the 6 pack I'm taking care of for the H.S. With the hurricane, I've been a little too busy to take pictures. Here's just a few that I snaped the other day. Sorry they are so big and not the greatest pictures. I've been so busy lately, cleaning up after the strom.

    Also, The 6 pack is now a 5 pack. I lost one during the hurricane. There's now 4 orange and white boys and the one little girl left. Two of them became ill as you might be able to see in one of the pictures. But we are all on meds and doing a whole lot better. Soon they will be old enough to go back to the shelter and hopefully find loving homes.

    Edit: I added a couple more of the feeding freezy, today, down a little, for those that might want to see.

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