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Thread: Random dog park photos (12)....

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    Random dog park photos (12)....

    I've mentioned before that I go to the off leash park every morning before work with a coworker. Well here are some pics I forgot I had.

    Here is my co-worker's shih tzu Lucy (on the right) and Lucy's daughter Flirt (who belongs to my co-worker's mom).

    Where's Flirty......??

    Run Lucy run!

    My dogs coming up in next post.....

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    A few posing shots. I really like the early morning sun for lighting in pics. I'm sorry if I have shown a few of these pics before. I uploaded them awhile ago and can't remember if I posted them or not.

    That's all, hope you enjoyed.

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Yayyyy! Great pics!

    Did you just clip their fur or something? I swear to god, Clipse looks so much smaller LOL.

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    Originally posted by binka_nugget
    Yayyyy! Great pics!
    Did you just clip their fur or something? I swear to god, Clipse looks so much smaller LOL.
    LOL Nope. The only parts on them touched by scissors are their feet and ears. (Oh and their whiskers if I don't feel like shaving them) Clipse is sitting abit farther back and Emily is a little more angled towards the camera, so maybe that's why they look the same size, LOL

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Beautiful dogs, beautiful photos!!

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    How did I miss this?

    Your pups are gorgeous, like always, and those shih-tzus are so cute!!

    RIP Jasper. I can't believe you're gone.
    RIP Tigger...I miss you every single day.
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    RIP Angus, I miss you!

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    What fun to see little doggies out running through the fields! I guess I'm not used to seeing that. How funny that Flirty nearly got lost in the tall grass!
    Your shelties are such great posers! Their coats always look wonderful as well!

    Many thanks to Roxyluvsme13 & k9krazee for my great new siggy!!
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    I loooooove the last two pictures of your dogs!!! They're both soo beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics with us! ^_^

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    Great pictures! I love this one:

    Just beautiful!


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    Both of your pups are so beauitful! Wonderful pictures of them.

    The two little dogs are adorable!
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    WONDERFUL pictures!!!!!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
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