Good morning boys!! Or should we say, "Little Men". You two are the cutest things we've seen in quite a while!! We are ecstatic to be the first greeters this morning. We're so lucky!!! Two adorable chi boys as our glorious D'sOTD!!! Our whole house is nothing but big smiles this morning looking at you guys!! We wish we could give you both some HUGE kisses!!! We all know your family is having the time of their lives with you guys. You will give them countless hours of pleasure. Chi's are such great, little sweet doggies. We are a little biased as you can tell. We are referred to as, "the girls" so we love your reference. You big guys have a wonderful day as our cutie patootie D'sOTD!! Celebrate with Socrates, Carman, Kahlua(great names), and all the family. All of you continue to love your life like we do. Tell your family hi from us and tell them how lucky they are to have you-never mind, they already know it!!

Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida