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Thread: A Wonderful Poem For All Our Beloved RB Pets

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    A Wonderful Poem For All Our Beloved RB Pets

    Remember me when flowers bloom
    Early in the Spring,

    Remember me on sunny days
    In the fun that summer brings.

    Remember me in the fall
    As you walk through the leaves of gold,

    And in the wintertime--remember me
    In the stories that are told.

    But most of all remember
    Each day, right from the start,
    I will be forever near
    For I live within you heart.
    ~*~ "None left to rescue, none left to buy, none left to suffer, none left to die. None to be beaten, none to be kicked...all must be loved and all must be fixed".
    Author Unknown ~*~



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    Very sweet poem...... thanks so much for sharing it with us!

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