This handsome boy was the sickliest thin kitten that Leslie scruffed from a creep in Boston who lets cats reproduce right and left. We snuck back the next day and snagged two tiny ones last November. Simon loves to wrestle with the other kitties, and is one tough little character, but loving most of the time!

Nap Time....Too Hot To Play Today

Chocolate Monkey Man & Noel

Noel was born with cerebellar hypoplasia six years ago on Christmas day. She was almost euthanised, as the woman who had Noel had moved in with another person who had a dog that wanted to kill Noel! Noel's knick-name is "bitchy, bitchy butterball tortie". She's mellowed a lot in the two years she's been here thankfully! One time Noel had swaggered across the floor clobbering all in her way, then clambored onto the counter where a friend and I were looking at a catalog. I said to Noel "are you going to smack me next"? No sooner had I said the last word and she swatted my across the side of my face giving me a nice slash mark across my cheek! Fresh girl! She waddles like she has a dirty diaper on, but it's her ch, which is very moderate. She is too cute now that she's calmed down a lot!