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Thread: What do you feed your Cats?

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    What do you feed your Cats?

    My cats eat a steady diet of Cat Chow. I choose CatChow when I brought home my 1st kitten cause the women who gave her to me feed it to her cat. I never changed but do wonder at times if I should? They seem happy with it. There are so many different food choices I just wondered what owners thought was the best

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    My cats get Iams Senior hard cat food. It is down for them all the time. Even the 2 five year olds eat this, since one of them is a bit overweight. In the morning they each get 1/8th of a small can of Friskies soft cat food, as a treat. So one can lasts me 2 days for the 4 cats.
    They get treats which are Friskies Dental hard cat food. Shhh, don't tell them their treats clean their teeth!

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    I feed my cats mostly PetGuard and Precise.
    From everything I've read, the 'dry food cleans teeth' is a major myth. It doesn't clean cat teeth anymore than eating pretzels
    every day would clean human teeth. Genetics
    seems to play a role in cat oral health though.

    In my opinion this links on cat food categories is pretty accurate:

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