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    I used to have this zebra finch named Mabel, who was tamed like a parrot. She would sit on my finger, shoulder, and everything. Since she was given to me by my 4th grade teacher, and was hand fed.

    I'm wondering where can you get handfed finches around here in Ohio? Or do you think if you can find them in petstores?

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    Well I don't live in Ohio, but maybe you can find a good pet store that specializes in birds and talk to them. I have a really cool one in my city. I spend hours there talking to them and asking them questions and they never mind! I doubt the big chain pet stores would have them, but maybe those smaller ones.
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    Thanks Aly.

    I guess I need to do a pet store search! hehe

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    That's so cool!

    My sister wanted a finch - but we heard that they aren't tame or anything. We'll have to find a good petstore or bird breeder too.

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