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Thread: Bunny Abusers Face Misdemeanor Charges (Happy Ending for the Bunny!)

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    Bunny Abusers Face Misdemeanor Charges (Happy Ending for the Bunny!)

    Just heard about this today...
    Some people.

    Lucky the Bunny Is Living Up to Her Name
    Fri Jul 30, 9:11 AM ET

    Lucky the bunny is living up to her name.

    It had seemed like luck had run out: Strapped to a powerful explosive with a lit fuse, Lucky was tossed into a lake.

    But the explosive didn't blow up, and the rabbit was pulled out of the water.

    Now Lucky's owner and his friend face misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty after photos of the July 13 incident surfaced on the Internet.

    Nick Sigmon, 18, and Paul Collins, 20, are accused of taping an illegal M-1000 — a large firecracker equivalent to a quarter stick of dynamite — to the rabbit and throwing her into Lake Don Castro.

    Sigmon said he fished Lucky out of the water to save her from drowning. But prosecutors charged the two lifeguards on Wednesday. Two other men who were present during the incident may also face charges.

    "I think that a lot of people are judging us without knowing us at all," Sigmon said. Asked why he fitted Lucky with the explosive, he said, "Um, that's a real tough question to answer." ( )

    Sigmon said he adopted the bunny after almost running over her with his car, but can no longer care for her because he's starting college this fall at University of California, San Diego, where he plans to study biology.

    Someone found the photos on one of the suspect's personal Web site and posted them on Craigslist, the popular Internet bulletin board, where the House Rabbit Society in Richmond saw it.

    Lucky is recovering at a foster owner's home, where she's snacking hay pellets and doing well.
    More of the @#$!#'s dumb quotes can be found in this article.

    Feel like writing a letter and/or want to keep tabs on the case? Click here.

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    They're both Lifeguards!??

    Maybe da Boys would like to practice swimmin -

    with a couple Cement Blocks tied to each foot!

    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

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    Phred, that's too kind. Strap waterproof dynamite to them and see how well THEY swim. They should have their lifeguard certification revoked. I would not want them in charge of saving anyone's life.

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    Yea, I heard about this on another board

    some people..........

    Dogs: Nova, Konnor and Sitka

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    Peer pressure?!?! If someone told me to do that Id tell them to shove a fire cracker up their @$$!!!!

    He is planning to study biology? Pffft, gee I wonder if he will pass...

    Its dumb that the parents are recieving threatning phone calls. Did THEY do that to the bunny? No, they did not. That and the "kid" is 18 so they aren't legally responsable for his actions anyway. Why should they be threatened?

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    posted by Cinder & Smoke: Maybe da Boys would like to practice swimmin - with a couple Cement Blocks tied to each foot!

    Then we would fish them
    out and save them before they drowed.


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    Oh, Lord and he is headin SOUTH!

    I think we need to start a PET TALK PATROL...............and stop him on his way to San Diego for a few *questions*

    (rope too tight???)

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    What is wrong with some people? Lets see how well they swim with cement blocks tied to each foot.....And not fish them out before they drown!


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    OKay, whats wrong with this picture? Two LIFEGUARDS, a.k.a people who's job is to protect and save those from drowning, throw a helpless bunny into the lake strapped with dynamite.
    I am absolutely disgusted by this madness. God, the kind of people out there today. I really wish that Nick Sigmon, Paul Collins, and the other few idiots that didn't bother to help the poor animal are sentenced to at least 5 years, although that may seem a bit unrealistic.

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    i was there when it happened!! it was like on the Front Pag of the newspaper and stuff! *#*$%*$% that makes me soo angry!!but im happy the bunny is safe now

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