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Thread: To the kitties: Your top 5 of most disgusting things in a cat's life!

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    Here are Thelma & Weezie's dislikes:

    1. The pet carrier (otherwise known as "The Big Blue Instrument of Torture"
    2. The vet, but only when he gives us shots
    3. The vacuum cleaner
    4. The brush (only for Thelma)
    5. Laxatone
    6. B-A-T-H

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    Mir is terrified of popcorn popping in the microwave. She isn't afraid of much else, but that sends her hiding for quite a while. Otie is afraid of everything, except his food bowl.

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    The 5 most disgusting things in my life are ...
    1)vacume cleaners
    2)cat food(i like prime cut meat)
    3)mommys music
    4)hair brushes
    5)scarey movies

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    Lily isn't scared of anything, not even the vacuum. I have vacuumed in her tail all the way up to her hiney without her so much as flinching!

    Meeshe is completely opposite and afraid of more things than I can count; even his reflection in the closet mirror doors!

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    Avajoy, ROFL about Lily. Just thinking about it made Weezie's tail puff.

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    Thanks for the condolences. It was a really horrible disaster. Why on earth they let little Cessnas take off near to much bigger plane is beyond me. It was a bit worrying since 2 people I work with were supposed to land at that airport so before more precise news were released we were worried sick. I've been on that plane before myself, things like this make you realise how easy it is to be here one moment and disappear the next.

    Avajoy, my Gigio (rainbow bridge) was not afraid of the vacuum at all. Once I passed the vacuum lightly on him when he was sleeping, I thought he would jum, he didn't even open his eyes, after e few seconds he just rolled on his other side as if to say: Can you do this side for me now mom?"

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    Avajoy, Gio, my Bo is absolutely unafraid of the vacuum, probably because her previous owner used to clean her room with a handheld one (Dust Buster).
    Bo's 5 top dislikes....
    1. Being left alone while her humans are at work.
    2. Being displaced from her favorite chair when I want to sit down.
    3. Perfume/cologne and hand lotion.
    4. Being handled too roughly (my dad likes to play rough and Bo hisses at him when he tries to play with her).
    5. Sudden loud noises (dropped dishes, the coffee grinder, etc.)

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    2-When Momma can't be still while we are trying to get some beauty rest.
    3-Not being allowed on the kitchen counters.
    4-Not getting scraps.
    5-When Momma turns the Turbo-Scratcher upside-down in the middle of the night because we are being too loud with it. !!!!

    Many thanks to Kay for the fabulous sig!

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