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Thread: Anybody up for another piercing thread?

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    Anybody up for another piercing thread?

    What do you have? What do you want? Why did you get x, y, or z pierced? that sort of thing If you aren't pierced, is there a reason?

    I have two piercings in each ear lobe that I got done because I wanted to wear pretty earrings and they made me feel older I had the upper cartilage in my ear pierced, but let that one close up because it was uncomfortable to sleep on. My most recent and most daring piercing is my tongue! I wanted my tongue pierced for YEARS, but my parents said that I couldn't get it done until I was someone else's "problem". (they said this in a nice way) When I got married and moved her to Japan I forgot about it for a while until some of the people my hubby knows over here decided that they wanted some piercings done. I got about a 2 day notice and decided I would go for it I love it sooooooo much and I am so proud of myself that I did it. (and soooo glad that the military covers my medical *and* dental)
    How about you?
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    I really want my bottom lip pierced. To the side or something.

    And my nose, a small stud in my nose. I'd like my ears guaged as well, just for tiny plugs, cause I'm afraid of earrings and possibly pulling them out ;x

    I don't have any at all.

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    I'm odd. I have no piercings and I currently don't want any.

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    Originally posted by slleipnir
    I'm odd. I have no piercings and I currently don't want any.
    We can be odd together! I'm the same way.

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    I only have my tongue pierced.. I got it done 3 days after my 18th birthday (since you have to be 18 to have it pierced). I had wanted it done forever, and it was a birthday present to myself.

    I had early dismissal after school, and one of my friends went with me.. I was so surprised that it didn't hurt at all! It only hurt a few days afterwards.

    I kind of want to get my eyebrow and maybe my lip pierced, but thats it...

    Ohh, and my ears are pierced, even though I don't wear earrings.

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    My nose is peirced, I also have two holes in my ears.

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    I don't have any piercings. Not really big on getting them for myself, but I have tons of friends that do have them on different parts of their body, and they look great.

    I DO however, want to get a tattoo when I'm older. Maybe more than one. But, that's a different thread. He he.

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    3 pircings

    I have 3 , 2 on my left ear and 1 on my right ear.

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    Mine are pretty boring

    I have 4 lobe piercings (two in each) and my navel pierced. I used to have my tragus pierced (I LOVED that piercing), but it migrated out I've been too chicken to get it redone since that the was most painful experience I've ever been through (even hurt more than my tattoos). A couple other piercings I would like are my nose and smiley, but that would be a problem where I work
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    yeah, I just had my navel pierced last week- right over from my skull tattoo. I think I will have my tongue done next. I can't wait to show THAT to my daughter - you know - clank it around my teeth and all that! Oh yeah and I have a stud in my nostril. It's way cool.

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    I had my tongue and nose pierced before. I took them out a long time ago. My belly button has been pierced since I was 15. I tried to take it out when I was pregnant with Jaden, but it wouldn't close up. So, 11 years later, I still have it. I have a bunch of piercings on my ears but I only wear earrings in the first hole. I want to get a little stud in my nose but I have to wait until my husband gets over my most recent tattoo. (I gotta new one, I'll have to show you guys when I get my camera back.)

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    I have three in each ear.

    I'd love to get my eyebrow pierced as well as my tongue, lip and nose. I've found a great piercer but I'm still saving up since they charge quite a bit. I'm planning on getting my eyebrow done once I have enough. If I ever gather enough courage, maybe I'll get my tongue pierced as well.

    The only thing that has stopped me so far is the fear of scars. I'm sure when I'm 60, I won't have my piercings in anymore.. I'd rather not be a granny with piercing scars all over my face.

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    I have 6 total, all in my ears. My ears are double pierced and my right has two cartilage piercing.
    My brother just got his nose done, but it keeps falling out. I was going to go with him and get one too, but he is having so much trouble that I changed my mind.
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    Originally posted by sirrahbed
    yeah, I just had my navel pierced last week- right over from my skull tattoo. I think I will have my tongue done next. I can't wait to show THAT to my daughter - you know - clank it around my teeth and all that! Oh yeah and I have a stud in my nostril. It's way cool.
    ROFLOL!!!!!!! Debbie, don't you find the stud in the nostril gets itchy?? LOL!!!

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    I have always wondered how people with studs in their nostril blow their nose when they have a cold. Doesn't it HURT?

    I have one piercing in each ear lobe (just the normal ones everyone has), and wouldn't ever want any more. I like ear piercings, but that's it. I can't imagine having piercings in any other part.
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