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Thread: flea control...............

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    flea control...............

    whats the best flea control out there???know of any ??my poor baby truffles has fleas eating her up no matter how much i bathe her they don't go away any advice???all in puts are very appreciated,thanks and take care


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    If your dog has fleas, you may have them in your carpeting or furniture too. When my daughter had that problem, she had a pest control company spray her house at a cost of $60.00. And when that didn't work, she had it done again. And still her daughter and dogs were being chewed up.

    She finally put Revolution on her dogs, but did nothing else. The dogs got immediate relief and within the first month all of the fleas in her house were gone.

    Others here recommend Frontline. Revolution is only available from a vet. Both are put on the back of the dog between the shoulder blades once a month.

    Let us know what you decide to do.


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    Frontline or Advantage are good flea control products that are applied directly to the animal (dog or cat). You need to make sure to get the right dose for your pet. I've heard horror stories of people accidently putting the dog dose on their cats.....way too much for a smaller cat's body. The Frontline controls fleas and ticks. Advantage is just for fleas. You might talk with your vet about which one will be better for your situation.

    Good luck! There is absolutely nothing worse than fleas!!!!!

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    Out of curiosity - what happens if too high a dose of flea med is given?

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