My husband and I, the kids, and the dogs had SO MUCH FUN! My husband and I mostly watched from afar because we didn't want to spoil anybody's fun, but we really enjoyed seeing everybody so happy.

Last night, my 17-year-old (step) daughter had a big birthday party out at the new farm some of her friends and our 20-year-old (step) daughter and some of her friends. (I'm only 34, just so you know - wouldn't want you to add years to me just because we have older kids).

We did miss Jake.

There were 9 kids ages 17-20 out there, a great big bonfire, lots of fireworks, water balloons, squirt guns, glow sticks, etc. etc. It's amazing what fun older kids can have in the dark with waterballoons and glow sticks.

One of the boys backed his car up near the bonfire and opened the trunk and turned the music up full blast. He played Meatloaf and some other stuff. They were out there until 2:00 am!

Max wanted to be out with the kids and he absolutely would not take "no" for an answer. When it started to get dark we put him in the house but he managed to bust open the screen door getting out! Then we put him back in twice more and he managed to escape when kids opened the door, so finally we just gave up.

He played water balloons with the kids, and ate hamburgers and hotdogs and chips (hey - once a year's OK) and sat around the bonfire. He was just on Cloud 9.

This golden retriever appeared there! Beautiful, gray-faced old boy. We have no clue where he came from. Max chased him around the bonfire, showing him who was boss, until the old guy just ran up to one of the kids and buried his face in his lap. It was hilarious.

Skip, the husky/collie from next door came to the party, too! He and Max are good buddies already.

The chihuahuas got sooooooo much attention. They were on laps until the fireworks started, then they got scared and we brought them inside. They're such spunky little things - they tried to attack the retriever and they meant it!

Anyways - just wanted to share that with you. We're going back out there with Max and the chis to clean up the mess and build a clothes line and put up a mailbox.

Talk to you all soon.