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Thread: Noon/Evening Meal

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    Noon/Evening Meal

    What do you call it?
    I usually call the noon meal LUNCH
    The evening meal Dinner/Supper.

    My Michigan relation calls it Dinner for the noontime meal, so we aren't sure WHEN to show up to eat.

    What do YOU call it?

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    Lunch = Noon
    Dinner = Evening

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    Noon is LUNCH
    Evening is DINNER

    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    Just HOW DO YOU solve a problem like Maria?
    I call it lunch and either supper or dinner depends on the situation
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    Noon meal = lunch

    Evening meal = dinner

    I never knew anyone called the noon meal *dinner*!

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    I don't like the word dinner altogether because it confuses me! For me its:

    noon = lunch
    evening = supper

    SOMETIMES I'll say dinner but I don't like it.

    -thank you Poppy for the avatar.

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    it's usually lunch and dinner, but our schedules are so messed up, it's usually just FOOD. Then there are the days, when -

    3pm: Hi honey... hungry? Want some breakfast?

    11pm: I'm hungry. I want food.

    3am: Wanna go to IHOP and get some thin pancakes?
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    When I was growing up Noon - was dinner and evening was - tea!! (as in tea time!)

    Now I tend to say lunch for Noon dining and still say tea for evening meal!! OLD habits die hard!!

    This is I'm sure from the "olden days"(!!) when the 'gentry' took afternoon tea about 4pm (this consisted of bread and butter, sandwiches and then cake with tea to drink of course) then ate dinner about 7pm.
    As most working people ate their evening meal when they returned from work 5-6pm "tea" became the name of that meal.
    I think it's 'looked down' on these days - being a bit common! Shame.

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    Staci, I usually say lunch and supper/dinner. But when I was a kid, my grandparents always had their large meal in the middle of the day and it was called "dinner". I don't think I ever used or heard the terminology "lunch" until I was older, except at school.

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    Back at home it was always noon lunch and evening supper. But now, I call it lunch and dinner.

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    lunch - noon
    dinner/supper - evening

    unless it is Sunday and then we have dinner at noon

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    For me it's Lunch at Noon, Dinner in the evening. But I know what you mean.

    There are some people I know in Michigan where Dinner is at 3 p.m.!

    My grandparents were like this too.
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    Im so used to having Lunch break at work, it just kind of stuck. Although most of the time its a case of "If you are hungry, eat whenever" lol

    Lunch, dinner = Food

    It could be 3pm or

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    Originally posted by lynnestankard
    When I was growing up Noon - was dinner and evening was - tea!! (as in tea time!)

    I LOVE the idea of "tea" - we used to have a real English teashop in our town and I went there twice for lunch but did NOT like the food (sorry! ) BUT I always heard that the "tea" was fabulous. The place closed before I ever tried it though. The whole idea sounds so charming and I wish I had tried it!!! I think it also goes back to my southern roots and the idea of unhurried times and sweet tea on the porch with little snacks

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