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Thread: Fabulous Find

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    Fabulous Find

    Somewhere in here, there was a link to a webpage at I went there and what a bonanza. I spent most of an hour there yesterday, and more today. Loads and loads of wonderful cats...Check it out!

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    Boots, the Kat, here ~

    Here's a clicker to go to

    ^ ^

    /s/ Cinder & Smokey
    the Rescued & Adopted
    FurKids of *Phred*

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    Oh, my! There's another Spencer! I had to bookmark it, way too much to do in one sitting.

    P.S. Who else it glad we don't have to put up with ads on this site!

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    Absolutely! I'm soooo glad there are no ads on this site!

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    Thank you for the site link! It is terrific and I have made it a favorite to view when I have lots more time!! Count me in as another one who is appreciative of no ads here at Pet Talk!

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