OK. I know you all are just sick of hearing about my dogs, but I've been gone for so long and haven't seen them, and I'm all excited to be back with them again!

Anyways - What's up with Jake????

Today, he decided he doesn't want to eat in the kitchen anymore. He's going on 8 years old and has been eating there all of his life. He's never complained about it before, but both times I fed him today he picked up his bowl full of Chicken Soup dog food, marinating in lots of nice warm water, and carried it dripping into the dining room! He spilled half of it on the way there both times, but he was bound and determined not to eat it in the kitchen.

After he dragged it into the dining room, he went back into the kitchen and ate the pieces that he spilled, then he went into the dining room and finished off the bowl.

So what's up? It shouldn't be the chihuahuas - I'm not feeding them anywhere near the kitchen.

My theory is that he's sick of listening to Max's chomping. hehe