Happy New Year all. I have two younger part-Abyssinian cats; Bluzette, and Jumper. Both are constantly investigating things and especially Jumper, who is the younger of the two. All hours of the day and night, they are snooping around, making noises with their "cat hockey games". Whenever I find things on the floor that have been pushed off the shelves, I can rest assured that Jumper was behind it. Except for Snow Tiger, Jumper is usually the most playful cat in the bunch. Is this normal behavior for Anyssinians?

Although Jumper is all black he definitely looks Abyssinian in the face and body structure, and especially his eyes are different, being paritally covered by the eyelid from the top. This gives him a "sinister look"! Yet, when he comes to me for attention, he goes limp like an old rag, and places his trust totally in me. Never fights to get away.

Bluzette (an all blue Aby mix) is less affectionate, but comes only on her terms for attention. She is definitely not a lap cat, not like Jumper. Im' just curious, seeing that neither are full Abys.