One of my older queens is obviously Abyssinian in breed. Although she is the only cat in this menagerie that shows such traits and temperment. The last litter she had contained Snow Cat ( a color point Siamese), and a black kitten (Jumper) which I did not pay close attention to, until last Sunday, His temperament and appearance is definitely Abyssinian-like! I was curious why she did not produce any Abyssinian look alike and act alike kittens. But appearantly she did and I wasn't watching!

I wish to compare notes with anyone out there who has an Aby kitten, or remembers about their Abys' when they were kittens. First of all Jumper appears Abyssinian,except for being a deep chocolate brown which appears black, and becomes very limp, like a wet rag when I pick him up for some petting. Also his traits are different than the other kittens in that he continually is playing with things and exploring throughout the house. Also, he allows you to be affectionate with him, he seldom comes separately for attention.

This post is a bit long so will cut it off here. Do these personality habits sound like Abyssinian traits?


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