I got my newest issue of Cat Fancy Magazine the other day. It's the only magazine I read cover to cover.

In the "Ask the Vet" portion of it was a woman who wrote in to say she adopted a cat who has chronic sneezing and nose congestion.

My cat Mollie Rose, also known as the "booger queen" has had chronic problems with sneezing, nose congestion and has been diagnosed with kitty asthma. For those of you who also have kitties with these symptoms, I thought this might interest you.

Here's what the vet said:

What you and your cat are going through is a challenge to veterinarians, as it usually cannot be cured. Most likely your cat was exposed to the feline herpes virus as a kitten, causing permanent damage to her nasal passages and sinuses and making her hose more susceptible bacterial infections. Treating for a minimum of four to six weeks with antibiotics may temporarily help some cats.

There are several different types and combinations of antibiotics including asithromycin or a fluroquinolone paired with clindamycin. Use of antibiotcs and anti-imflammatory drops in the nose COULD give some relief. Interferon treatments help some cats with viral infections.

More aggressive procedures to consider would be a nasal flush under anesthesia and culturing her discharge. Or, if x-rays show they are obstructed, surgically opening her sinuses.

Mollie Rose was exposed to a herpes virus when MooShoo came to live with me. He had a herpes virus, thanks to the WONDERFUL breeder (I'm being sarcastic here) who failed to treat it, hence causing MooShoo's partial vision.

I have come to the conclusion, after many vet visits and lots of money spent on finding a cure, that, as long as my cat is eating, using the litterbox and drinking water, I'm not going to worry about it.