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Thread: Snuggly Boomer

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    Snuggly Boomer

    Look at these pictures that I found on my camera I just love my little ball of fur

    teehee I don't know why I look so grumpy
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    Boomer is SO pretty!! He looks shocked in that first photo, isn't he use to company at naptime.?..but he settles in for a nap with Mommie... That is SOooo sweet!! *****Kisses Boomer****

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    Cute pictures! Laura - Boomer gets the funniest expressions sometimes!!!...probably annoyed at Daddy for showing up with the camera?? Boomer is looking over *my* baby while she sleeps Snuggy Fella!!!

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    Well if that isn't the sweetest thing! There is no better nap than a nap snuggled with a cutie like Boomer!

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