Hey y'all... We're starting to have a minor issue with Arthur, that only just started recently. Within the first couple days of us having him, we had him house-broken. He never went in the house unless we were gone for an extended period of time, and then he went on the puppy pad. He was very good at not going on the carpet (a couple of boo-boos, but nothing major). Now, all of a sudden, he refuses to go outside. I take him outside every hour and all he does is sit on the stoop. I'll coax him into the yard and we'll stand out there with him, telling him to "go potty" for 15 minutes. The other dogs will go and he'll be sniffing around like he wants to. Then he just sits. We let him back inside, and not 2 seconds later he goes on the carpet. The back yard is clean and free of old waste and such, which I know can be a problem. Whenever he does go outside, HUGE amounts of praise! Goes inside, he gets scolded.

I'm not sure why he's taken 2 steps back all of a sudden. Any ideas/advice would be great. I understand that house breaking is a process, and can be frustrating, but he's getting to the point now where he shouldn't have as many accidents as he does.