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    *Furminology Dictionary* update 6/04

    PT Cat Dictionary of FURMINOLOGY
    now with illustrations!

    ack ack, acking - sound made when kitty is hunting bugs, moths, birds, etc.

    ape s**t - as in "going ape s**t -episode of completely losing it and racing around the house at top speed - see*below

    airplane ears - aka yoda ears - those funny pulled back ears that show kitty is NOT very happy!

    bits - aka cookies, equipment, truffles - testicles

    brushtomer: this is someone waiting on the brushing table for his daily brushing and massage

    bundle foot - aka 'tortellini with a stem' - curled up posture in which all four paws are extended and neatly stacked

    butt squitch - when your cat is getting ready to pounce and them wiggle their rear end to get the feet set

    buttbath - just the essentials

    carpet condom - round cat beds with rolled rim

    cat Pilates - essentially any pretzel type posture that usually involves cleaning hard to reach areas

    cattitude - what cats have

    cat fit - see* below

    clingon - those little hangers that don't seem to make it into the litter box

    dingle, dingleberry - see 'clingon' above

    doily kitty - long haired kitty gracefully draped - usually on the back of a sofa

    drumsticks - meatloaf with high hipbones resembling a trussed turkey

    Dusteater - cat who helps with the housework by going around and eating all the dustballs in the house....of course that leads to "PV" projectile vomit of a huge dust ball.

    excavator - fastidious cat who is not happy unless the litter box is empty

    elevator butt - touch butt/will rise -who knows why they do this??

    "fingers and paws crossed" - gesture of PT support and love

    fluffy - a euphemism for ...uh...well...plush, Ruebenesque

    flyby - racing through room at top speed for no apparent reason, often a group activity in multiple kitty homes, see *below

    forever or furrever home (love this one!) - a real home that all kitties deserve

    frito feet - smell kitties feet to determine THIS one

    full sweep - this is the extreme affectionate gesture - beginning with a headbumpie, followed by a tooth rub, full body sweep and topped off with the one eyed salute.

    Fur Piece - cat that you wear around your neck...makes a wonderful fashion statement.

    furrkid and skinkid - self explanatory unless you have a hairy skinkid I guess

    Furry Tripline: What a cat makes himself into when you have an armload of stuff *example, laying in the middle of the walkway while you're carrying in grocerys*

    grandmeowmie - a cat mommy or cat daddy's mommy, of course

    happy feet: same as making biscuits. Or disco feet for the cat still stuck in the '70's.

    headbumpies - bumping heads - a sign of affection

    hooman - a cat mommy or daddy with skin on

    huffing - sniffing freshly licked and sunwarmed kitty fur

    kitty cakes - same as pee biscuits, only larger *edited

    kitty kisses - that sleepy looking blink of the eyes that sends a "kiss"

    lap fungus - a kitty growth on your lap!! AH!!

    making bread or making biscuits - that cute kneading motion the kitties make with their paws when they are contented

    meatloaf or loaf of bread (for vegetarians ) paws tucked in, also known as parade float pose

    meowmie - a cat mommy

    meezer - a Siamese

    muffin - aka 'lovemuffin', a sweet, affectionate kitty

    NASCAR cat or NASCAT- Instead of single pass in the home this is a series of passes or laps made during the cleanup of a house. Often ends with a yellow flag caution
    when household objects fall onto the track. *See FLYBY

    Nibblets: kitty love bites as Pee Wee loves to give on your nose or chin or cheek. Amber also loves to give these on your ankles or hands and arms!

    one eye salute - that's when they get up in your face, giving you lots of love and kisses and head bumps and suddenly present the other end, tail raised to attention, for close inspection. You just got the one-eye salute

    Parade Float Kitty - see meatloaf

    PawPaw - daddy to the kitties

    pee biscuits - clump of pee in the catbox

    pip-flip - jumping and flipping off the wall.

    plush - see fluffy

    poo log, poo pancake - various forms of poo, 'cakes are not good

    pretzel kitty - any one of numerous postures that would send a hooman to the chiropractor

    projectile pee - when you can hear the pee hit the side of the box and trickle down. Eeeeeewwwwwww.....

    PT'er - an addiction, quite harmless, you probably are one if you are reading this, go huff your furrkid

    purrgasmic - a blissfully purring kitty

    purrno - see RedHedd about this one

    RB or Rainbow Bridge - where our kitties go to wait for us when they are done on earth

    Richard - aka RICHARD!!! amusing and easily amused PT member. known for pithy comments and wry humor.

    Rodent Alert: This is the high-pitched wailing sounds in the middle of the night when your kitty finds and "catches" one of his toy micies and brings them to your bedroom!!!

    royal sceptre - posture where kitty extends one paw like a staff to be adored and kissed, as in "extending the royal sceptre", aka "the Elvis"

    schmoozle - To put one's face on/in a fluffy cat belly

    scooterbug - little baby kitties scooting around!!

    scritches - essentially a scratch - but obviously better because it must also scratch an itch and feels SOOO good to kitty

    squeak freak - episode of completely losing it and racing around the house at top speed. (similar to ape s**t above) but involves a loud squeaking noise, I believe. also see * below

    tea-cozy: similar to meatloaf pose, but on the kitchen counter where one would have a tea cozy cover for your tea pot!

    telescope kitty - kitty stretches l o n g - usually for a treat!

    tits-up - that's when they are lying upside down with full belly exposed

    toe jammin' - same as toe crunching. Basically working on that toe jam between the toes!

    tortitude - what tortie cats have an extra dose of cattitude

    tortellini - the round curled up posture my cats cannot do because they are too fluffy

    toothrubs - when kitty rubs his cheeks on you to mark and you get jabbed by a tooth!

    tootsie rolls - those little rolls you scoop up from the litter box every day

    Toy Hog - any kitty that hogs toys and keeps them all for him/herself

    velcro kitty - lovey-dovey attached kitty - often when the hooman has been gone awhile

    Webbing - a cat whose primary job is to eat all the spider webs around the house.

    Whinusitis: the groveling, high-pitched wailing "WAAAAA" sound that comes from certain Pters who insist on having their wishes granted!!!

    white coats - vet

    wideload - rear view of a plush meatloaf

    yoda ears - aka airplane ears - those funny pulled back ears that show kitty is NOT very happy!

    *catfit - this one seems to have many variations. collectively, it involves an episode of completely losing it and racing through rooms at top speed for no apparent reason, often a group activity in multiple kitty homes. It is aka storm of the Mongole hordes, thunder paws, couch-cat pinball, nine-o'clock crazies, herd of turtles, Random Cat Outburst (RCO), thundering herd of cat, squeak freak, flyby, flying fluffies, and going ape s**t.
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