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Thread: Pepper's Bad Day

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    Pepper's Bad Day

    Miss Pepper had an accident yesterday and is sporting a little "kitty cast" for the next month. We were all in the back yard yesterday doing some spring cleanup and the kitties were supervising us. Pepper came hopping across the yard on 3 legs purring her brains out. I picked her up and checked out her leg. At first I thought she had done "a Pouncer" and pulled out a claw. But, there wasn't much blood. The scary thing was that her paw was swelling very quickly. Took her to see the white coats and turns out Pepper has a broken toe! She has to wear a cast for a month. Each week we have to take her to the vet to have the splint checked and a new one put on. She's not supposed to get the cast wet at all. We're not sure how it happened. I guess we weren't watching them as closely as we thought. The only thing I can think of is that she might have got her toe caught in the chain length fence. She likes to climb up a few feet before she drops back down. Maybe she got her toe caught? Poor baby -- It's not slowing her down at all. She's determined to jump on everything. Last night she slept in her crate. We thought it was best so that she couldn't move around too much. Well, that lasted until about 2:00 when I couldn't take the yowls anymore (none of us got much sleep last night). I let her out and she ran for the cat box and then leapt into bed and assumed her normal sleeping place. Halo is very curious about the "thing" Pepper is dragging around. Cammie (typical tortie) doesn't give a flying flip. Here are some photos of Pepper. The last one is snuggling with her daddy.

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