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Thread: Do you exercise?

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    Do you exercise?

    I was just wondering how many of you exercise reguarly? I used to exercise alot when I was in my 20's, I used to run 3 miles several times a week, do aerobics, and lift weights. I've become alot more lazy in the last few years, now I enjoy basically just walking.

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    Up until about three years ago I walked and hiked, stayed very fit and strong. VERY stressful events occurred and I basically became housebound and my only exercise was walking to the fridge I now carry an extra #50 BUT for the past two months I have joined Curves, a women's only gym and workout three times a week and have cut back carbohydrates. (ARGHH!!!)As the weather is nicer, I am hoping to get back to my walking and hopefully - hiking again. It is frustrating though. When younger, I could easily drop weight in a few weeks if I really tried. No more!! I am 49.

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    I've started to jog every other day with Daisy, around our neighborhood block. We also run [2-3 laps] a couple of times a week in P.E. class, around our track.

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    Debbie: How do you like Curves? There is one very close to my house.

    Julie: heehee... that's the ONLY reason I like going to school is that you are FORCED to exercise.

    I am in phases. There are blocks of times I was doing Taebo. There are times I was playing badminton... and times I was doing weight training...times I just go to the gym and do whatever. Right now I am doing NOTHING.

    And I was eating a donut while typing this too. haha!!!
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    Thanks Kay for the set.

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    Sometimes when I'm not feeling that good about myself I start excercising, but only a little.. heh. I know I should excercise all the time but I'm pretty lazy.

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    ehehehe.. I don't regularly exercise. Well, I do walk but I don't do anything that makes me sweat buckets or anything. I volunteered for setting up and cleaning up for this band festival for the past three nights. I've never done that much exercise before. After the third night, I started feeling really refreshed and lively (despite what my sore muscles were telling me). I guess that's my motivation for getting back to shape. It's so refreshing!
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    I am a teeny bit older than sirrahbed and I do high impact Jazzercise six days a week.

    On Friday I rest.

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    Originally posted by jenfer
    Debbie: How do you like Curves? There is one very close to my house.
    As far as anything that starts with E___ goes, I like it! It's a fun environment, hydraulic machines in a circle and music playing - all age groups working togther so good support, etc. They try their best to make it fun I also like NOT having sweaty men around

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    I was excerising five days a week for awhile, but, then, once I geot Finn, I didn't make the time for myself as much. But, now that he's a little more trustworthy, I am going to start back into it. I was walking 4 mph on the treadmill for about an hour, and lifting free weights for about twenty minutes. I was also doing pilates about three nights a week. I miss it! It made me so awake! I just had boundless energy, and, I'm back to feeling tired all the time. Got to get back into it!

    Thanks, Dogz!

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    I think I've just come out of a lazy period. I was having a rough time and basically did nothing but stay in my room Lately, I've been walking every night. Roller blading a few times in the week, and I want to start jogging. I have been a little bit, but not that much.

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    Not excercise as in work with machines etc but everyday afterschool my friends and I practically walk home from school, take the bus for a few stops, get off, walk some more than I take Mickey for long walks until we finally go our separate ways to our houses. I like walking, lol.

    I was hoping this summer I could join a gym but that's not looking so good.

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    I should really start doing more exercises than just walking around at school and sitting at home by the computer... haha
    I'm just being super lazy...senioritis has hit me pretty hard and I just can't really bring myself to do anything lol. I'll probably do a lot more stuff during the summer. ^_^

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    Yep. I exercise at least 6 days a week. I didn't used to........I was a lazy girl..............but it didn't take me too long to figure I NEEDED to exercise to feel and look the way I wanted to. I've been exercising regularly since September last year, and since then, I have lost weight, and I feel a LOT healthier and more active. Now I can't stand *not* exercising!

    We practically have a mini-gym at home, with a treadmill, weight lifting bench, stationary bicycle, this thing called a *door gym*, and lots of balls, stretch bands, dumbells, etc. I workout with our machines daily, and go to workout with my trainer twice a week. I *love* lifting weights! I think I prefer weight lifting over cardiovascular exercises, but of course I need both. Its just that I enjoy lifting weights........ I think I'm going to go workout right now.
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    Not as much as I should. I do belong to a gym, it's like Curves in that it has ifferent stations, but it's unlike Curves in that it provides aerobic/cardivascular exercise as well as anaerobic. It also allows both genders. It's interesting, in that you change "stations" every 30 seconds, so you're not doing any one thing long enough to get bored.

    There are too many things I like doing more than I like exercizing, but I know I should anyway.

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    I've been going to a gym 2 to 3 times a week for almost a year now. [Treadmill, Elliptical, and free weights.]

    In addition, I've started doing some 'walk in place' tapes/DVDs at home that I really enjoy. They are by Leslie Sansone and they're called "Walk Away The Pounds". They come in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4- mile series: some are walking only, some add weights, and some add an abdominal belt thingie. (I've just got my first in that series and haven't figured it out yet, *blush*. ) I also have her 1- and 2- mile series done to Christian music for when I feel like a change of pace.

    I still don't like exercise, but do it 5 to 6 times a week. I'm a lot healthier than I was this time a year ago.

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