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Thread: Sascha earned her Canine Good Citizen Certification!!!

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    Sascha earned her Canine Good Citizen Certification!!!

    Whoopee! I'm so thrilled! Sascha passed her Canine Good Citizen test today - I didn't think she'd ever be able to accomplish it because of her fear "issues" (the last one we've been working on is the way she <used to> go ballistic toward other dogs while on leash - she's much better now). We've worked hard at overcoming her aggressive fearful behavior - and she did it!

    She had to show that she could follow basic commands, stay and come when called, walk on a loose leash, allow a stranger to touch her ears and her feet and brush her, stay with someone else, out of sight of me for 3 minutes, allow me to greet a stranger, and act friendly toward another leashed dog walking by.

    Does anyone else's dog hve their CGC?
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    Congratulations Sascha!!! What an awesome accomplishment! You and your mom must be so very proud, especially considering you had a few issues to work out; no easy task My Star has her CGC and I know what hard work and concentration went into those classes! (Star hated the brushing part) Hugs and kisses and happy tail wags to you Sascha from Sandra, Cody and Star. Well done!!!

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    Congratulations Sascha!!! What an accomplishment!!

    All three of our dogs have there CGC and actually they took a little bit longer test, getting their TDI (therapy Dog) titles. It is the same test, with a few additions...handling loud noises (like a bedpan dropping), Dealing with wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Cincy passed her test about a year ago, and Sadie and Spot both passed it about 6 months ago.

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    That's great! Well done, Sascha!

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    Congrats Sascha, your such a pretty girl!

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    Well done Sascha!!

    Daphne got hers too a couple years ago.

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    Good job Sascha! So many people think the CGC isn't a big deal... but it's a great certification to have - you should be really proud!

    Ilsa got her CGC and TDI when she was 14 months old. I didn't think she'd get her TDI , but she surprised us all!

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    Great job, Sascha!!

    You're one pretty girl!

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    Congratulations Sascha!!! Nebo has his CGC too!

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    Congratulations! I'm thinking of having Kia take the test.
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    Congratulations, Sascha! That's a wonderful accomplishment!
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    CONGRATULATIONS, SASCHA!!! What a smart pup you are.

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    Congrats Sascha! Roxey also has hers

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    Congratulations! Finn is going to start his classes to earn his CGC in June! That photo is really cool. Great job to both of you!

    Thanks, Dogz!

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    Congratulations!!! I wonder if Gigi could pass that...
    Jen & Gigi

    Thanks Kay for the set.

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