Does anyone's dog play with food. If a piece of food falls on the floor, she goes into a play bow then pounces on it. Then she will put it in her mouth and throw it. Then the game starts all over again. I love watching this game, it cracks me up every time!

On to the questions:

I know Kim has this problem with Kia but does anyone else and what can I do about it. Layla will not eat unless I am in the room watching her. As soon as I turn my head she stops eating. Sometimes I have to sit on the floor with her to get her to eat. She just will not even show interest in her food unless I pay attention to her, then she chows down. Is it because she feels like I am protecting her or something? If I won't sit in the room with her and she is really hungry, she will put it in her mouth and bring it into the room that I am in to eat it.

One more question. Layla has picked up a new habit and it is driving me nuts. She sits by my feet when I eat, like always but this week she has decided that every time I take a bite, she will bark. And these are not the 'talking' like barks, but loud, annoying ones. Help!