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Thread: Pestering until the other dog gives in

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    Pestering until the other dog gives in

    Do any of you with 2 or more dogs see this?

    I see it on basically a daily basis.
    It just now happened
    Simba was resting by me at the computer, and Nala came up with a toy. She stood there squeeking it in his face. Put the toy down, and got another toy. Did the same -- then put it down and got another. She went through like 3 toys, until Simba finally got up and played with her. Which they're still playing right now.

    Maybe she's not pestering him, maybe she was just trying to find a toy they both agreed on?

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    Layla does that to me in the morning till I get up.

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    Yep i see it nearly everyday aswell.

    Elvis will dangle a rope/ Tug toy in Clover's face untill she gives in and plays. Or he will nibble on her neck untill she gives into a wrestle or a run around

    You are a good boy Simba for being such a great big brother to Nala.
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    Basil does that all day long, every day ... to me, to Vanilla, to Georgie. He's SUCH a pest!
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    That sounds very cute.
    Jen & Gigi

    Thanks Kay for the set.

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    Yep! Kaedyn loves to play. He'll try enticing Kai by doing a play bow and running around him. If Kai doesn't bother getting up, Kaedyn will pounce on him to get him up LOL.

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    Sounds like Nala has a lot of patience with Simba. Good thing she uses a psychological method to motivate him - wouldn't she be too big for the 'pounce' method?

    People who say dogs aren't smart/ don't have feelings or anything like that must not see stuff like that, it sounds adorable!


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