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    2 Videos

    I guess neither are too interesting, but I was embarrassed to post the others because my big ol mouth was right next to the mic.

    Lolly's is pretty cute though. You can see the way she rolls in the grass.

    Lolly Rolling in Grass

    Reece Loolking at Me
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    Awww! So cute! I love that video of Lolly!! And Reece is adorable!

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    Aww!! I wanna see the others, too.. if y'all got to hear me and Nathan talk about pee, we should get to hear you too!!!!

    Great videos!

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    Yeah, let's see the others too! Loolly that is funny the way you roll in the grass.

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    Neither of them worked for me.

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    oh man! i cant see the cuties' videos. darn it!
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