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    Happy Easter, Cooper, you precious kitty! Or are you a bunny in disguise? What a picture! That is truly one of the most adorable photos I have ever seen! And isn't Cooper patient to tolerate his head-dress! Cooper, what a beauty you are. You have the cutest little face! And you look so very pampered and well groomed! NO doubt, you are very loved. I peeked into your website, and it's just so special. So much to look at, which I will enjoy doing a bit later. For now, I wanted to say congratulations!! You are the Easter Sunday, very gorgeous, most precious Cat of the Day! Enjoy your day of splendor and exalted status sweet Cooper! Big hugs to you, your kitty pals and your entire family!

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    Cooper, at first I thought I was looking at the Easter bunnie, you had me fooled. Ha!
    What a beauty you are, I love your coloring, you are gorgous. You certainly deserve the title today as most beautiful, sweet, loving, Easter bunnie Cat of the Day.

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    Happy Easter to a fun and beautiful Persian boy! What a good sport you are for entertaining us with your rabbit ears! I for one think that you make an awesome replacement for the Cadbury Bunny!

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