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Thread: Lady Jane Grey

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    Lady Jane Grey

    What a DARLING photo of Lady Jane!! That is face is too cute to resist. Oh, let me give her some kisses!! Smooch, smooch, smooch! Congratulations Lady Jane Grey on being Cat (kitten!) of the Day!

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    How could you NOT just scoop up that precious kitty and give her lots of love and a good home. That face got to me in a second.

    What amazes me is how anyone could just let a kitten go wandering. Yes, sometimes they get themselves into trouble by exploring and getting lost. My beloved Magic just came into my yard at about 9 months. Rascal who is turning out to be a wonderful friend and companion also just showed up at 1 1/2 years old. Where do they come from? He does not seem to be abused and is very loving.

    Unfortunately I have about a dozen stories and sadly not all are good of strays that have shown up at my home. The best is of the siamese that had her kittens next door and then moved them all over to my house. It was a challenge, but homes were found for all of the kittens. The Mom was truly feral and you couldn't get near her and she attacked me as I gathered her kittens one by one when they were 6 - 8 weeks old. She may have been feral but she was a super Mom.

    But back to Lady Jane Grey - enjoy life to the fullest sweet one.

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    You are truly regal, "Lady Jane Grey!" And quite the little model. I'm so happy you found such a wonderful home, filled with love, joy and FUN! Have a grrrrrreat life precious one!

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    Dear Lady Jane Grey
    What a beautiful & regal kitten you are! You are obviously going to have a fabulous & happy life now you have found your new family. It is wonderful that so many stray cats are able to instinctively find a safe, loving home.

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