Winston is too sweet - he reminds me very much of my first kitty Sam. Sam was a cross between a purebred persian and a ginger tabby! He was large, arrogant, very fluffy and looked like a Blond Viking God (or so he thought!)

Sam had a wonderful personality and lots of presence (in any room). When he was 12, he was hit by a car which left his entire backside paralyzed - needless to say I was devastated because I thought we would have to put him down. NOT! After six months of TLC and steriod treatments monitored by our vet, Sam was back on his feet and charming as ever, with only a slight limp on his left hind leg.

A real trooper, Sam lived to be 22 years old and he was a grand old gentlecat, in his prime.

I suspect that Winston is very much that way - a grand gentlecat - you're fortunate to have him.