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Thread: Felix....."the cat!"

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    Felix....."the cat!"

    Oh what a little cutie! What can you say about such a precious one? Too sweet. Today must be "baby day." All the "pets" of the day are wee ones! How lucky little Felix was to come across such a caring soul like you. They do run you ragged as kittens, don't they??! Congratulations Felix! And let your Mom get some sleep!

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    Yes, it's great that all of today's pets are babies! That's more cheerful from yesterday's pets that had all sadly passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Well, Felix is just adorable and I'm so glad he has a loving home--although I imagine he's a handful! But his rambunctiousness at nighttime is surely only one little drawback to the joy of having a wee kitten in the house.

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    Felix is a beuatiful little cat! What a sweetie. It's so nice to see a cutie little kitten on here

    Kirsten, Brad, Sabrina and Minnie

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