Oh my dearest Bob! I'm sooooooo mad at my meowmie that I could just swat her!!! She has been so busy working on that website for those *sigh* "shelter kitties" that she wouldn't help me on the computer!! I have repeatedly explained to her just how rude it is to recieve gifts and not send a thank you!!! Please forgive me but it's meowmies fault!

I just love my nip bouquet and plant!!! I sleep near them and water them regularly. I won't let the boys near it. Well, I don't let the girls near it either! Come to think of it I don't let anyone near my stuff!
There are just no words to describe how much I love my necklace! I haven't taken it off since I got it!!! I strutt around making sure everyone sees it without getting to close of course!
I just want to make sure you know how much I appreciate everything dearest Bob.
I hope your not mad at me for taking so long but please just remember that it was HER fault!