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Thread: Precious Pepe!

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    Precious Pepe!

    Hee, hee...Oh Pepe, what a scamp of a birdie you are! How your story had me smiling and laughing! You sure know how to get into things don't you???...literally! Be careful exploring those jars, sweetheart! I can't imagine how anyone could surrender such a handsome, loving, playful feathered friend like you But now in the loving care of your devoted forever family, those lonely days are but a distant memory! You've even got two fur friends to show you the ropes and pal around with! All day I'm going to be picturing you in your outdoor spa, hearing you singing your little heart out...and smiling!!! Congratulations to you precious, adorable, life loving Pepe, our extra special and most deserving Sunday Pet of the Day! I hope you and the humans and doggie pals Lady Leen and Fluffy have a fabulous day celebrating your "top pet" honors! Long and happy life to you swee biride boy Pepe!!!
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    What a gorgeous birdy! How awesome you have 2 doggie friends to look out for you. We honor preciuos Pepe, Our Adoorable Pet of the Day!

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    You adorable scamp!
    Please stay out of those plastic jars! You may do yourself an injury. I bet you rule your roost, don't you? Sounds like you are a very happy fellow! Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Pet of the Day today!

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