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    Elvis! You were such a CUTE little fluff-ball when you were a kitten! I'll bet you're just as adorable today. The tiny tail you had when you were a youngster is probably big and poofy now. Elvis, you're so sweet. Congratulations on being "Cat of the Day"!!!!!

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    AWWWW, you are so sweet Elvis, black persians are sooooo cute - as long as their nose isn't too pushed in, but it doesn't look like you have that problem. You are a handsome devil!

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    ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING!!! Elvis, your kitten picture looks soooo much like my new addition Oliver, an 8 month old Persian Maine Coon mix! What an adorable little fluff muffin you are! And so full of yourself! Like all "kings" should be! I think you and Chaos keep everyone there on their toes! Congratulations Elvis! Today you rule as Cat of the Day!

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    Oh my gosh Elvis! You are the living definition of the word "cute". I just had to print your picture and show everybody. Congratulations on your exciting day, Your Adorableness!

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    Elvis you are just too cute! Great name for you too! I want to pick you up and hold ya really bad.

    Congradulations pretty boy!

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    Elvis, you are such a cutie pie. That face just makes me want to cuddle you. Congrats on being Cat of the Day.

    "As we all know, cats now rule the world."
    --John R.F. Breen

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    Elvis you are just too cute for words and what a cute name! If you lived near me your little feet would never touch the ground. You would be scooped up and cuddled all the time! Too bad your humans don't have a hound dog that you could sing to! I know, that was a bad joke!

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