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    Unhappy RIP sweet cinnamon

    tonight as I went around feeding the gerbils I cam to cinnamons cage, I thought she was just asleep in her jar, so I just prceded to plce her food in her cage, but after I closed the door she did not come out of the jar like usual, so I removed the jar took toom a closer look inside and relized my baby girl was gone I have no idea how she passed, she was only a few months old. anyway I held her in my hadns and stroked her for a while then I took a container and lined it with tissue and placed her in her little coffin. tomorow I will call my dad, and he will bury her at the RCMP beside the greenhouse with my other gerbils that have passed away. hey not every gerbil gets a proper burial at the RCMP.

    R.I.P sweet cinnamon
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    Misty-10 year old BC Happy-12 year old BC Electra-6 year old Toller Rusty- 9 year old JRT X Gem and Gypsy- 10 month ACD X's Toivo-8 year old pearl 'Tiel Marley- 3 year old whiteface Cinnamon pearl 'Tiel Jenny- the rescue bunny Peepers the Dwarf Hotot Miami- T. Marcianus

    "sister" to:

    Perky-13 year old mix Ripley-11 year old mix

    and the Prairie Clan Gerbils

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