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Thread: The Cruise Of The Good Ship "Feline Princess"

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    Now Lily is confused because she's not on the list...

    She's on her way already...


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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Wow 88 passengers!!!!

    Of course that's counting the 2 Paloo's - have we got 2 Paloo's?

    I haven't heard anything all day from T or P so they must be busy meeting up with everybody and helping everybody get settled in.

    Tibby is absolutely smashing in her little pink dress. I am so positive that she will need new dancing shoes by the end of the night because she is just ravishing!

    And Lily, you are such a cutie in your new sunglasses. I'm so glad you bought them though, because the sun in Miami can be quite bright and brutal for those who aren't used to it, and we wouldn't want you hurting your precious eyeballs.

    Can't wait for departure time tomorrow!
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    Originally posted by Kirsten
    Now Lily is confused because she's not on the list...

    She's on her way already...

    She is now. Anyone else missing?

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    <phone *rings*> <Dad answers> "Herrow?"

    Boots!?? ... Where the heck ARE you?
    ON the Furr Boat, huh?
    You member to pack your PILLz??
    Don't furget to TAKE them!
    Quit Nagging!? That's what Dads are for!

    DAWGs left yet? Where are THEY goin??
    oh... Onna Furr Boat, too. Part of the SAFETY Crew??
    . . Cinder's on Seekuritee Patrol?
    . . Smoke's gonna be a Life Guard??
    . . . Only thing they'll be *guarding* is the Kitchen!
    You want me to put the Dawgs on? OK. Have *phunn*!

    CINDER - SMOKE!! Boots want to *yap* at ya...

    HI & HI, Kat. Whuss'up??

    WHUT!?? Airline *lost* yur Nip Sack!??
    Calm Down!
    Yeah, prolly IZ hard chasin da Gurls wiff No Dope.
    We'll grab summore affore we get onna Boat. Gonna look *strange*...
    Dawgz packin on a big sack a Nipp!
    WHUT!?? NO Temptashunz TREETZ!? Oh, jest no Chikkin Flavur...
    OK - we'll grab wun outta da fridge. TWO? OK.
    HEY ~ You tell da Airport Limo guy ta pick us up tanite??
    OK - we'll be reddie. See ya in New Yawk. Bye!


    Let'z start *packin*, Smoke.
    WHUT!? Dad'z *helpin* allreddie?
    . . CHECK whut he put inna valise...

    Oh fur the luvva... DAD!! Let US pack, OK?
    ... NO, kinda doubt da Kat "furgot" hiz Nail Klipperz!
    Toss em, Smoke!
    KAT Brush??... Toss it, Smoke!
    DAWG Brushez??... Toss em, Smoke!
    Dawg SOAP!?? ... Toss it, Smoke!

    I'z gonna get da *important* stuff...
    . . Rawhide bones,
    . . Any Bamdannaz da Kat dint already snatch,
    . . Boxa Treetz (fur da AirPlane, Dummie!
    Takez furrEbber ta
    . . . ta un-zipp thoze peskie plastik sakz wiff wun tiney bisquit
    . . . dey serve onna plane!)


    A BAFF anna Nail Klipp!?? You gotta be KIDDIN, Dad!
    Yeah, right. Furst thing inna mornin...
    Dont sweat it, Smoke!
    Limo comez tanite... we'll be onna Plane an half way to da Boat
    when he turnz onna hoze inna mornin!

    *WATCH* him, Cinnerz...
    I fink he'z lookin fur da Nail Kliperz...
    (I stuffed all that junque he packed unner da BigBed.)

    Whut HE needz rite now iz an All-Niter FIUR Kall!

    Wunder whoze gonna *watch* Dad while we'z onna Boat Ride??

    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

  5. The Es are getting into the Swing

    Edwina and Eddie have crossed the bay from our friends' condo and boarded the ship. They are sharing a stateroom. Edwina has already been shopping (what a surprise!) and bought a new hat. I warned her about the dangerous UV rays so she bought a sweet and dainty sun hat.....rather reminicent of Gone with the Wind don't you think????

    What?!?!?!? She also bought a coral and turquoise necklace...slow it down girl!

    Meanwhile....Eddie is getting ready for the Cowboy Jamboree with one of Edwina's hats...

    (and don't worry...she has her tammie with her and LOVES haggis!)

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    Mitzi is swooning over Eddie's dashing good looks in that cowboy hat! Edwina better watch out! When my little gal puts on the full Mitzi and swishes her voluptuous little kitty hips no man is safe!

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    Pouncer just sent me an instant message that he's arrived in Miami, that he had a bit of trouble with ariport security over a suspicious package - catnip - they confiscated it but still allowed him to continue.

    Well, I told him not to pack it as they were to have catnip bars onboard. Do they listen? noooo...

    He's currently on deck looking through the crowd for Lily. He hasn't spotted her yet but he says Edwina looks particuarly smashing in a diamond tiara. He says a lot of the girls are sporting a mess of new jewels, and for some reason nasty fights are developing over feather boas.

    He will call me once he finally meets up with Lily. He's very nervous and hopes she comes soon or he'll die from anticipation. He did pick up a dozen red roses for her wants to know if he can paint her like Leo did in the Titanic (he's and arteest remember) but I told him absolutely NOT... then he told me he was kidding - only trying to get me upset... besides (he reminds me) there will be a ton of chaperones. He plans on being a perfect gentleman throughout the cruise.

  8. Edwina looks particuarly smashing in a diamond tiara.
    Oh dear...that little hussy! I was worried about this!!! Which tiara was she wearing???

    Her good one????

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    Just Received this Email from Freckles on the Feline Princess

    "Guess what!!
    I found I have TWO sisters on board. We call ourselves the
    and me, FRECKLES
    We're having great fun."

    Thanks, Fister for arranging this cruise.

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    Kylie would like to join in the cruise ship also!!!
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    Princess and Patches are not on the list! I really hope all is well, because they are already on the way!! They just love thier ID cards. I told Princess and Pacthes they must watch thier additudes on the ship, because some cats wont put up with it. Please make sure Tony gets his meds. everyday! Just wrap his pill in a little cheese ( I know this isnt good 4 him but its the only way he will take the darn thing). Well Patches has my cell phone and Promised to send me some pictures ASAP. They really cant wait to meet MooShoo and the gang. I Think Patches wishes she was furless sometimes. She really hates furballs, Well, I will update you when I hear something!!

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    I just got the oddest call from The Feline Princess. I'm not sure but I think Cassy had been into the catnip bar already... They had enjoyed Disneyworld and had 'bitied da big mousie' and 'it wasn't catnip but wuz meat!'

    Cassy has been dancing already with two (!) gorgeous masked girls and Livvy has settled in with her roommate, Peanut, and they were throwing waterballoons (! I HAD to have misheard THAT one, right? PLEASE Tell me I misheard THAT one.) out the porthole. Cassy hung up when I asked who he was bunking with.

    I'm more uneasy after this call than before and I'm not sure I'll be sleeping well the next few nights!!!
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    Oh yes, Kylie you must make the cruise! Ripley has had his eyes on you for some time now and would be devastated if you aren't there. He's hoping you might allow him to be your escort for some of the parties.

    From Decker with Love

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    Oh Ripley!!!
    I would be honored to have you escort me to a party or 2!!! Apparently Eddie isn't coming so I would love to have a wonderfully handsome gentleman like you to putz around with!!!
    I was so afraid that I was going to be like my mom is wherever she goes. ALONE!!! She was telling me before I left to have a good time regardless and solitude isn't a bad thing and I was rather disappointed!!! But you just made my whole trip!!!! Wait till I get home to tell my Meowmie!!!
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    Boomer is shocked and appalled that this is the first time his meowmie has opened this thread!!

    He would absolutely love to join in on the festivities, but it unsure about going. He is painfully shy and scared of water. On top of this all he is ashamed to not have a lady friend. I assured him that there would be plenty of single ladies fluffing up their fur for this event but it wasn't until I showed him some pictures of some of the PT fur ladies that he agreed. Boomer so hopes that he doesn't miss the launch of the cruise!! I've given him my cell phone, but knowing my little rascal, he'll be spending all his time balancing on railings and schmoozing with all of the puurrrrfectly bautiful felines onboard
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