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Thread: The Cruise Of The Good Ship "Feline Princess"

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    The EuroCats are on their way, delidog! Daisy called me from Heathrow at lunchtime. My girls had met up with Nellie, Filou, Tigris, Juni and Pichu and they are now on the flight to Miami. They will all be there by early evening.

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    10,748, Daisy also mentioned that Nellie was awfully sorry that she hadn't called her meowmie, but she didn't realise that the phones in London didn't take euros. She asked me to assure you that Nellie was fine.

    She was quite excited to know that Leroy was gong to be on the cruise. She thinks he is very funny. She is also hoping that Rutherford Luckenbach will sign up, because he sounds such a purrer and snuggler - just like her!

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    I also heard that Tigris (this guy really can bug you! He's charming but not as grown up as Filou who is 3 weeks his elder) was looking forward to eventually meeting Kim Luckenbach!

    They had a short exchange of e-mails last summer but I never really knew what happened.

    Filou at least promised he would send some pix with his MMS mobile as soon as he was there.

    I am waiting.....

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    I also wanted to mentioned the fact that the picture on Juni Rose's ID looked awfully similar to the picture of We-Know-Who!
    My pervert mind thought that this is We-Know-Who's job, so she gets that boa . SAS, better buy the second boa and don't let the girls fight over such a minor thing

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    Zam and Logan would like to go if there is still room!

    ~Kimmy, Chipper, Zam, Logan, Raptor, Nimrod, June, Mei, Jasper, Esme, Lucy Inara, & Morla
    RIP my sweet Kia

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    Oh, this is soooo sweet! Love the IDs!

    BTW, Lily is a bit upset because she was begging me to let her join that cruise (especially since Pouncer is on board), but meowmie doesn't have the money for things like this!

    Also, Luna would have been happy if her younger "sister" would be on such a journey, because that way she would have all her favorite places for herself!


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    I told Leroy about Daisy's phone call.
    He just couldn't contain himself!!!!

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    Originally posted by Steffi N
    I have told Lovable that he could go if he promised to get out and meet the other kitties and not stay in his suite all day. He is nervous but excited about the trip. He can be very timid, so kitties, please be sweet.
    Loveable, my Andy is the most timid of the timid! He is just delighted that there will be another kitty on board who is also shy.

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Yeah! Peanut called from the hotel this morning and she is so excited that she'll finally get to meet Lady Edwina & Ms Ritzy, hopefully a little later this afternoon. She has been wanting to rant & rave about her meowmy's lack of fashion sense...well....just, like, forever (can you hear a hint of valley girl in their?). She was also looking over the id cards and said she would like to share a state room with Livvy and/or Mimi. She said they look like "her type of girls" and thought they might have a lot of fun together.

    She said that Tubby's head is swelling because of Ms Ritzy's interest, but that he and Samantha had a wonderful afternoon yesterday carousing the dock jewelry stores, and fish markets. She said that Tubby wanted to let Ms Ritzy know that there will be many fine young men on board for her to choose from, and that he's flattered, but he's just an old coot and she can do better than him anyway.

    It got real cold last night here in Chicago, and I had to turn the heat up in the house since my living, breather little bed warmers were off iin Miami on their grand adventure.

    Oh, and "The Fuzz Boat" I love it!
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    I was starting to get worried.

    Filou sent me a picture from his mobile:

    Looks as if Juni and he are visiting Hemingway's kittys in Key West!

    I hope he won't convince them to come too -I guess the boat will be very populated:

    Hemingway's Fur Family

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    Kitsin, Pouncer's utterly miserable at the news that Lily won't be onboard! He's been hoping that she would join... he's been practicing all the suave moves that are sure to make her swoon. I told him that they were unnneccesary and a bit over the top.

    He swears to keep his dance card empty in protest to her absence! He even will avoid the catnip bars - since whenever he's near catnip he can't refuse - he's not responsible for his actions when he'd stoned!

    He's now more determined than ever to just sit on deck and watch for dolphins and whales.

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    Some people have voiced concern over the quality of service available on board. We would like to point out that all our personnel have been personally picked by Fister, so there will be no problems concerning drinking water and litter box cleaning etc.

    Fister keeps an eye on the crew

    They're sharp-looking and social-minded, energetic and easygoing. They're everywhere at once and always with a welcoming attitude and friendly smile. These are experienced professionals whose responsibilities range from navigating the ship to creating the day's activity plan to cleaning out litter boxes. They're the onboard staff, and their primary concerns are ensuring your safety and providing you with the best vacation you've ever had.

    There has also been disappointment over the fact that certain kitties have not received their ID card yet. Do not worry! There is still time. Due to the unexpected popularity of the event, our printer was overrun with orders and has been slightly delayed. The missing ID cards will be produced as needed.

    "Peace cannot be achieved through violence,
    it can only be attained through understanding."
    Albert Einstein

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    Speckles, it’s easy! You just put your name on here, and you’re set. If you have a photo of yourself for your ID card, just e-mail or PM it! If you don’t have one, you’re still welcome – and that goes for the rest too!

    Chuck, you’re added – and so are you Randi, Pixel, Leroy and Peanut Butter.

    Cinder & Smoke, you can easily catch up in New York, along with the kitties who are late! And what a good surprize it will be for the others!!

    Kona, you be sure to check every day how they’ll all doing on that cruise!

    Loveable, don’t worry! There’ll be SO many sweet kitties to look after you.

    Miss Hoppy, they all want you to join, so pleeese!! The decks won’t be slippery and there are plenty of bunny-sized hiding spots. You know, there will be a few other bunnies on board, so you just gang up with them and you’ll be safe! We promise that parsley on the menu will be arranged too! Can you resist? LOL!

    Maggie and Joey, glad to hear you got a room to your liking. Maggie, don’t let anyone tease you about your weight. Enjoy the treats!

    Cassy, no need to worry anymore, your ID card has been found.

    Ms. Ritz, your photo is excellent and will be used for your ID card. Your accomodations WILL be a state room with ample sunlight and warm spots to sleep. What exquisite taste you have. And I bet you can persuade the waiters to hand you some chicken too.

    Juni Rose, did you really think you could away with a false ID!! The authorities have been briefed about this and they will deal with it immediately!

    Zam and logan, we’re delighted to say that you’re also added!

    Fister and Pjevs left yesterday evening for Barcelona, they wanted to have a night out with Koxka’s gang befor leaving. I think they may have got on a late flight across the Atlantcic.
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    "I don't know which weapons will be used in the third World war, but in the fourth, it will be sticks and stones" --- Albert Einstein.

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    So Glad The "Eurocats"
    Will make it time for "Meowme Hour!!!"

    Priorities,You know!!!

    I was looking for a Host Gift...Does Fister drink the Same Wine as You & Johnza????

    The Deli Dog

    I want to Honor All of Our Rainbow Bridge Furkids

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    Freckles has carefully the Feline Princess brochure, especially about the Gymnasium, but can't find a reference to
    This is critical for feline pleasure!!

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