Freckles, don’t panic! Scratching posts etc. are standard equipment on the ship. Everyone should be covered concerning that!

Phred, you better keep the BIG purse ready for Boots’ excess baggage costs! Hope he didn’t get busted with all that dope!! What IS he up to?? He’ll be very popular once he arrives.

Juni Rose, you cheaky little girl, are you planning to sneak in to the BAR??

Sadie, I love your dance dress!! You are such a sweetie!

Tubby and Samantha, you sure know how to live the good life!! An excellent choice of cabin. For the rest of you – there are more like these, and they’re not all taken yet. (Pm me for a picture)

Ritzy, the crew have dealt with hairball and hork issues in the past, so don’t worry your sweet little head with that. I remembered to give Fister some Biodramina to pass out to kitties who suffer from nausea. And a warning to you all!! You better not dig in too deep in Boots’ stash, or you may get arrested.

Lily, you’re a lucky girl that your mom finally let you go, they’re all SO exited to meet you. Just LOVE your outfit!!

Ketchum, you’re of course added too – how could we leave you behind!! I suggest you meet up with Lily and any other late Europeans. But don't do what Fister and Koxka's gang did!!

Fister sent us a mail this afternoon, he says they had a great night out in Barcelona before they left, I can sense they have a bit of a hangover – will they ever learn! I checked the time table and they should be arriving in Miami this evening – unless the plane has been delayed. We’ll see!

Fister was also asking: Has Rascal arrived?? He hopes everyone will have boarded for the departure party on saturday! They’ll be heading for N.Y. to pick up Cinder, Smoke and a few others. The New York Times will be there to cover this event.

An updated list of the passengers will be posted shortly. And the rest of the ID cards will follow. Anyone not on the ID card will be welcome, but considered as guests.