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Thread: The Cruise Of The Good Ship "Feline Princess"

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    The Cruise Of The Good Ship "Feline Princess"

    This is your captain speaking. I would like to invite you on board the luxury cruise ship "Feline Princess" This will be a Mystery Cruise, the destinations may vary according to the mood of our distinguished passengers, and NOTHING will be taken for granted. The management would like to say that they take no responsibility whatsoever for the outcome of this epic trip.


    Taller than the Statue of Liberty and longer than three football fields, this 260-pet ship features an unprecedented design with some of the most innovative amenities ever found on a cruise ship, providing its 4-legged passengers with unparalleled onboard choice.
    Our deck plans offer lots of restaurants, theaters, catnip bars, swimming & indoor fishing pools etc. Princess staterooms offer the deluxe amenities you'd expect from a first-class hotel: everything from 24-hour room service to kibbles on the pillow at night.

    On Board Duty-free treasures from around the world await you in our duty-free boutiques, exquisite mouse toys, exotic feline cruise-wear, and designer fragrances (Eau du Clam etc.)
    We have a fine selection of duty-free catnip available for sale during your cruise, available for your trip home and for pet owner pickup on the last day the boutiques are open. Please ask your stateroom steward for details and they will be pleased to assist.
    We would like to point out that exaggerated catnip abuse will not be tolerated on board and will be severely dealt with.

    For today's fitness-oriented traveler, we offer the convenience of shipboard gymnasiums and spas. Our newest ships are fitted with the latest cardiovascular and mouse-training exercise equipment, including bird hunting machines, treadmills, and free fishing tackle.

    The Feline Princess has health and beauty centers fully equipped to pamper you from whisker to claw. Spas offer aromatherapy, body hugs, massage, scritchies, cuddles and headbumpies.

    A full range of fur care and beauty salon services is available through the shipboard beauty salon. Staffed by fur stylists and therapists professionally trained by Lady Edwina, the salon is open daily. It is strongly recommended that you make your appointments on embarkation day so that you may get the most convenient appointment time.

    Call for personal room service, ice, kibbles or a wake-up call at any time of the day or night.

    Our aquarium is restocked each day with a fresh asortment of slow moving saltwater fish, there are guaranteed no bottom dwellers. The aviary contains an incredible collection of colorful birds from across the world for your cackling pleasure! No eating please.

    Dinners are expected to be grand memorable affairs, correctly served on the finest china, with a choice of fresh tap water, catnip tea, and cream drinks. Highly creative menus, regional cuisine including caribbean seafood and catnip marinated mouse, but also traditionals like paté de mouse or crème de foie de chicken should provide maximum choice and variety.
    The service staff will take pleasure in providing you with the ultimate attention with the utmost of finesse and the word "no" definitely is not in their vocabulary.

    Grand Suite with Private Balcony A Bedroom with a tiger-size bed, a separate sitting room with a sofa and fireplace and a private balcony are just a few of the amenities included. Luxury litter boxes can be accessed from both the bedroom and balcony and there are three televisions and a refrigerator.

    Feline Princess' photo staff is able to provide Pet Talk members with products and services not usually available on a cruise ship. Anyone requiring photos of the various areas of the ship can email or PM us, and copies will be sent for further manipulation. For those unable to do this, we are prepared to help if a suitable photo of the subject is sent to us with details of the event.

    Hootie & the Blowfish
    The Tuna Tunes
    The Dancing Clams
    Carla the clam
    Joey The Court Jester (Delidog)

    We are quite sure that many of our esteemed passengers will join in and give us a little "show" once in awhile and tell their own stories. All are welcome!

    Lets see what they're up to!!

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