Sparkey showed up at my daughters house one day and refused to move! He would not be ran off...PERIOD! He dicided that looked like a nice house and he wanted to stay so he did. He was scared of men and would not let my son-in-law get near him but he followed my grandson everywhere he went and would wait by the back door for him to come out. He was a well bahaved pooch and grew on them really fast. (My son-in-law always refused to let them have a dog and would run every dog off that came, this one would not leave!!!!) My daughter came up with the idea of having Curt be the only one to feed him and while he was eating, for Curt to talk to him in soft tones, working into petting him while he talked to him. Now, when Curt comes home, Sparkey runs to greet him and Dad has to give him belly scratches before he can do anything. He has been living in the home HE adopted for several years now and he is a absolutely wonderful dog. He is also a really beautiful, well behaved pet who has his own bed inside the house with a owner that use to think dogs did not belong inside!

Oh, and by the way. When the big house had new sidding put on it, Sparkey's house outside had new sidding put on his too!