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Thread: Kuhio 1985 - 2002

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    Northeast, MA.

    2-legged cat

    Is gabriel the one i grabbed! no, i think i grabbed a female calico kitten from that yard-? refresh me!
    AND animal control should be held legally accountable for putting to sleep a cat who's owner's were right there!!! I would sue the bast...
    Reminds me of moosmom's plight with the shelter that put down cat's with ringworm for CS!

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    I'm SO mad at that Animal shelter......!!! how heartbreaking.!

    I'm so sorry!

    Rest in peace little Kuhio. You didn't deserve this!!!! This is soo cruel.

    Thank you,
    I love you and i miss you RB Goldberg. you may be gone from the world, but you'll never be gone from my heart. i wish you could come back, but you are better now. Rest in heavenly peace. i forever miss and love you. i hope "one fine day" we can reunite and be best friends again.
    I forever hold you in my arms,
    I have your name engraved in my heart,
    I know that you may be gone,
    But i loved you right from the start.

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