Oh, I found this forum just in time to have an emergancy spring up!

Gimpy, one of the 2 gerbils I adopted from a teacher last Friday, has been batteling Wettail with medication. he's been stable, but very suddenly today his hind legs COMPLETLY stopped working! Now I'm really worried, because he can't eat and drink on his own, doesn't trust ME enough to easily take food and water from me, and because i don't know WHY he's paralyzed! As far as i can tell, he has no feeling at all. I pinched one of his toes (not enough to do any damage, but enough to hurt quite a bit) and there was no reaction. At best, I can get him into the vet tomarrow after school... But because my regular vet is closed, and I REALLY doubt my parents will drive me to the emergancy vet, he's going to have to hold on.

So, my questions: Any idea WHY wet-tail would cause his back legs to fail?
What can I do to make him comfortable?
Are there any food that can be eaten easily without hands, that he'll like enough to try and eat? (I gave him some plain oatmeal, he's not interested)

Thanks everyone,