I just got this email. I signed it for both Mike and me and we were 8 and 10. They are trying to prevent a puppy mill from invading their space in the U.P.

Hi Everyone-

First, thank you for the overwhelming support! My phone has been ringing non-stop from contacts at other rescue groups and my email box is wonderfully full of support!

Last week, a good shelter friend and I were in despair. We couldn’t figure out how just 2 people could stop this horrible puppy mill from coming into our wonderful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Today, I’m beaming because of the support my ESRA and other rescue friends have shown.

I have just one more thing to ask of you…that is if you could sign the petition linked below. We plan to gather as many signatures as we can in the next 4 weeks and present these to the Ontonagon County Board of Commissioners. It is our hope that once they see how many people are watching them, they will back away from funding this puppy mill.

Thank you again for your kind words and support, I truly appreciate it!

STOP WUOLO CREEK PETITION: http://www.petitiononline.com/WUOLO123/petition.html

Rita Schultz Gordon

ESRA and ABR Upper Peninsula Volunteer

132 M94 East

Skandia, MI 49885

(906) 942-7600