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Thread: Prince!!!!

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    Well look who it is. Prince, you handsome boy! CONGRATULATIONS on being our DOTD!!

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    Oh, Prince I love you so much. You are such a handsome boy. I just don't know what I would do without you. I couldn't explain how much you mean to me. You make my day bright, and you make me so happy when I am by you. Everybody that has met you is in love with you, and I know why, what's not to love? Your are my dog of the day, everyday.

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    Good Morning Beautiful Prince!!

    Good Morning you gorgeous boy you!!! What a sweetheart in your beautiful party outfit. You are absolutely beautiful beyond words Mr. Prince. You look like such a very very good boy. You will require alot of grooming for sure but your beauty is worth all the trouble. Such an incredibly beautiful breed!!! Congratulations on being our very first and verrrryyyy special DOTD for 2004 Prince. You deserve this great honor. Keep being a love to your wonderful family and have fun with all of your brothers. Remember to always love your life like we do Prince!!

    Love Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

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    You are a very handsome fellow. Glad that you made DOTD. I got to see you. Glad that you have a very loving and caring family.
    Hope you have many, many happy, loving and caring years with them.

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    Happy New Year's to you, too, Prince!! And congratulations to you and Emma for being the very first dog of the day for 2004!!

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    Yay! Its Prince! One of my favorites. Woo Hoo, you are the first dog of the day for the year 2004. What a beutiful dog you are. I always love seeing that sweet Samoyed face and smile. Cograts Prince! Enjoy your special day!


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    Awww, one of my favorite is DOTD on the first day of 2004.
    Congratulations, beautiful Prince! You’re so incredibly handsome!
    Emma, give him hugs and kisses from me.
    Btw. How is he getting along with the Kitty?

    Thanks to BCBlondie for this great signature!

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    Oh, sweet, cuddly, huggable Prince! What a beautiful boy graces my screen this New Year's morning! Your Mom is so filled with pride and love for you, and who couldn't be?! Congratulations on being our Dog of the Day this bright first day of 2004, and for being dog of the day every day for your adoring Mom!

    *hugs**kisses* for the gorgeous boy!
    Mom to Raven and Rudy the greyhound

    Missing always: Tasha & Tommy, at the Rainbow Bridge

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    Woohoo it's Prince! Congratulations you handsome boy! What a special day is is for you and Dogz too - New Year's Day and the day we get to salute *our very own Prince* as Dog of the Day!

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    Congrats Prince! Not only are you DOTD, but the FIRST DOTD for the new year! How exciting! You deserve it! I know your mom will make it a special day for you

    Thanks for the signature & avatar kfamr

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    WOW! Our own Prince is the first Dog of the Day for the year! He even dressed for the occasion! You look very dashing, by the way, sweetie! Congratulations!!!!

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    Congratulations sweet boy Prince!!!! We love you so much! That picture of you is absolutly gorgeous by the way

    I first saw the picture, and I thought, "Hey, that looks like Prince!" Then I read the name and thought "Could it be?" And it was!!!! Congratulations again!
    Dayna, Alex, Phoebe, Cleo, Rolo, Scooter, & Holly

    Thank you so much Popcornbird!

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    Whoo, hooo Prince! You deserve that staus, you handsome boy!

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    What a start to the new year! Happy DOTD handsome Prince!!

    “I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running
    from one falling star to another till i drop. This is the night, what it does to you.
    I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.”
    - Jack Kerouac; On The Road

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    Congratulations to you, gorgeous Prince, on being the first Dog of the Day of 2004!!

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