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    Tuxx my Andy shares your story. He came to live with us almost 5 years ago to be my daughter's cat. She married two years later and Andy has remained with me. She couldn't pry him away from me! I love him to death and I know your official new mommy loves you the same way because she has nominated you to the high position of Cat of the Day! Today is your day Tuxx!! Your position in this picture, sleeping on your head, reminds me of a quote Spencer has made. "Cat on it's brain, it's going to rain." Wonder if it rained the day after you had your picture taken!

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    Tuxx, are you sure you're not part raccoon? (Just kidding!) I love your ring-tail, plus that extremely relaxed/contented pose that you cats all do when you've settled on to a spot. Enjoy your special day, Tuxx!

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    Hi Tuxx!! What a lucky kitty you are! You have two mommys that both just love you to pieces. And now all the world knows what a special little princess you are! You are our very special, very beautiful, very sweet Cat of the Day who sleeps on her head!! Congratulations precious! You sound like a real living doll. I'm so glad to have met you! I hope you celebrate in style with lots of treats and kisses!

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    Tuxx, you make me want to skritch that little chinny chin chin!


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