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Thread: Need some help for Kiba..

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    Need some help for Kiba..

    Ok, I doubt this is serious but it's worrying me..Kiba has been shaking..Like, not so bad she can't walk shaking, but if you put your hand on her you can feel it. She will play. She doesn't seem sick in anyway..but why is she shaking? Do cats so this or something? Can anyone tell me how to tell if a cat is sick? Maybe she got into something she wasn't suppose to some do can you tell if they're poisoned? Any suggestions? I'm gonna go search around online, but I'm hoping someone here might have some idea...?

    Also her heart seems to be beating really fast..I think I'll call the vet and hopefully can get a hold of someone..
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    It is a good idea to ring your vets to get professional advice.

    Even if they are not open, they should have an out of hour service.

    Sending prayers & {{{Hugs}}} to Kiba.

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    We talked to the vet. He says he thinks she could have a fever. He said he thinks when cats shake, sleep all the time have a fever. He said to take her in tom if she's still like this...but the only person on tom is dr. johnson..Now, I'm not vet but I use to work there and I really don't like him. He seemed to take pride in being able to spay a dog/cat in like 5 mins and be really quick..personally it should be about how you do it, not how fast..but maybe he's just really good at it I dont know. I believe when Jo use to be sick all the time he just said puppy flu. I think it would be a waste of money, but I'll take her anyway if she's still like this. Shes been sleeping all day/all night. Usually she gets hyper..-really- hyper..

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    I'm sorry to hear that Kiba may be sick. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Prayers and positive thoughts are on the way. Please keep us updated.

    When you said that she was shaking a lot, my first thought was that she might be very scared of something. My RB Pepper used to shake a lot when he was at the vets. Is she afraid of your other cat or dogs?
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    No, she has no reason to be afraid. My other cat ignores her completely, and the dogs don't live there. She was playing around, and I picked her up and she was shaking. I noticed it last evening as well but thought nothing of it. I thought maybe she was cold..but it's quite warm here...Anyway, she's stopped now, but is still not her playful self..

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    I think I would take her to the vets as soon as you can. Do you have a thermometer? Can you take her temp? You can use a human one, but, it now becomes an animal one only...he he he. I noticed Binx was shaking when he was ill. Very lethargic, too.

    Don't worry about your feelings about the doctor for tomorrow. Just get Kiba in there. AND, if you can, encourage her to drink lots of water...

    Good luck, keep us posted.

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    Along with encouraging her to drink water, you can put her on ice packs to get her temperature down. Thats what they did with Chance when he had a bad fever. Just put some ice packs in a crate and cover them with a towel then put her in there on the towel.
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