Little Carter is very cute my Papillon is 11years old now her name is Gizmo she weighs 8#9oz. has stated the same weight all her adult life. Loves her Yapple ball is ball crazy loves to fetch. Your Carter and my Gizmo look almost alike in the face, is Carter your first Papillon? Was going to tell you about 3 wonderful products out that work great (1) PPP Tear Stain Remover it is a gel in a bottle use it 1x a day on the tear stains which can become infected if left alone too long. The PPP stands forprofessional pet products bought mine at a animal health store.(2) For the times your Pap gets poop on his hair in the rear BIO-Groom Super Blue Plus No rinse Shampoo works great Gizmo has long hair the older they get the longer the hair gets.(3) Sometimes behind the ears get matts on Gizmo but just in case I sometime get Matts on my BouvierDes Flanders beard use Cowboy Magic detangler you can put Cowboy Magic on your serach engine will take you to the web site.The Cowboy Magic is the greatest stuff comes in a tube use just a tiny bit works like magic. Wish I knew how to put Jake the Bouvier and Gizmo the Papillon at the end of my posts but self taught computer user and ole woman.
Your Carter is very cute yes they make great little dogs hope you enjoy your Carter for a very long time to come and give him a hug.