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    Loyal, and beautiful too! You look like a little prince. Prince-of-the-Day, congradulations!

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    Oh Mickey!! Those stunning blue eyes and creamy pink fur! What a gorgeous boy! And I think your pose just captures your sweet, gentle personality to a "T!" I am so glad you found such a special forever home filled with warmth, love and devotion. No kitty was ever more deserving of a day in the limelight! I'm so glad you were chosen our very lovely Cat of the Day! Big hugs and kisses to you precious! Have a fun day with your family and little Mopar, cuddling, playing and enjoying your exalted status! And of course lots of extra treats! Yeah for Mickey!

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    Oh Mickey the minute I saw you I was instantly mesmerized by those gorgeous baby blues of yours. You are one handsome fella. I would of picked you too in a New York second. Congradulations to you gorgeous boy on your special day!!! I am so,so happy you found a such loving home and nice spunky playmate the play with.

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    Mickey, you have the right name, Mickey blue eyes. What a beauty you are and so loving.
    Your best friend is so lucky to have you and be able to look into those beautiful blue eyes every day. Congradulations on being the most beautiful, loving, with the bluest eyes Cat of the Day.

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    Mickey you are absolutely adorable. I love those blue eyes. It's no wonder your purrson fell in love with you at first glance.

    "As we all know, cats now rule the world."
    --John R.F. Breen

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