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Thread: Clyde, the man!

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    Clyde, the man!

    Clyde you are such a handsome birdie! How wonderful that you love affection and head scritchies and learning new things. You rock Clyde!!
    Congrats for being Our Precious Pet of the Day!

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    Clyde, what a dear story about you. Congratulations on the honor you are receiving today. You are very special.

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    Awww, what a cutie you are Mr. Clyde!! I had to turn my head in a few directions before I realized you were hanging upside down! What a trickster!!! You repertoire of songs, tricks and phrases is QUITE impressive! I'll bet you sure do keep your humans on their toes; and smiling, 24/7!! No wonder they are so proud of their boy! What a beautiful, joyful, loving feathered friend you are, sweetheart! Today you ARE da man, Clyde! Congratulations and three cheers for Clyde, our extra special and most deserving Pet of the Day! I hope you and the folks enjoy a very happy day celebrating your reign as "top pet!! (we know you're that and so much more, everyday!)

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    How adorable you are! I bet life is never dull with you around! Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Pet of the Day today.

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    A smart, handsome boy!!! That's what you are, Clyde!!! And so smart and an acrobat too!!!!

    Congratulations, darling birdie, on being our Pet of the Day!!!!

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    What a spunky and acrobatic birdie! Its obvious from your pics and story, that you're a charm in your family's lives! Congrats on being POTD, sweet birdie!

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