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    What a beautiful kitty you are! I love the picture of you standing up! You sound like you have quite a personality, too! I also have a kitty who likes to stash things, but she seems to enjoy articles of clothing, mainly socks!!! Well, Tango, congratulations on being cat of the day!!!

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    Oh Tango! What a pizz-a-zzz of a kitty you are! Did anyone ever tell you you should be in show-biz?? Such a winning personality, stunning good looks and natural talent! Can that picture of you doing your "saucy, spicy" dance be REAL!! Ahhhhh!! You are a real "one kitty show!" You are truly one fetching fellow, Tango! What a spectacular Cat of the Day you are! I hope your family rolls out the red carpet for you Tango. Today you're a star! And our Cat of the Day! Yeah Tango!

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